Speaker Bio

Pieter Eenkema van Dijk

Pieter Eenkema van Dijk

President, Van Dyk Recycling Solutions

Pieter Eenkema van Dijk grew up in the Netherlands where he received a Masters degree in Economics at Groningen University in the Netherlands and an MBA from Insead Business School at Fontainebleau in France.

In 1984, he founded Van Dyk Baler Corp. in North America and is the company’s current president. Van Dyk Baler Corp. has the exclusive distribution rights in the United States and Canada for Bollegraaf Recycling Machinery. Based in the Netherlands, Bollegraaf has been in the recycling business for more than 40 years producing balers, shredders and sorting systems.

He also runs a second company, Lubo USA, the exclusive distributor for Lubo Screening and Recycling Systems and TiTech GmbH Optical Sorting. Lubo is also located in the Netherlands and TiTech GmbH is a Norwegian company with R&D development located in Germany.

With Mr. Eenkema van Dijk as the President, Lubo USA has become a leader in the recycling equipment industry for construction & demolition installations, Starscreen® installations, and optical sorting. TiTech GmbH is the world leader in the field of near infrared optical sorting, metal detection, and X-ray technology.