Speaker Bio

Thomas Ferretti

Thomas Ferretti

Operations Manager, SIMS Metal Management

Tom Ferretti has an extensive and dynamic career in recycling which spans over 30 years in scrap metal and curbside recyclables.  While Tom has the gusto of the perfect salesperson - relentlessly negotiating commodities to the next penny up - his passion for safety, mechanics and executing systems with speed, accuracy and efficiency – made him the natural fit to oversee Sims Municipal Recycling’s operations from the ground up.  Tom’s oversight now includes over 350 employees at three MRFs (one that processes the most volume of recyclables in the country), a glass beneficiation plant, and several feeder yards that accept and ship recycled materials by barge, rail, and truck.

His facilities include the use of shredders, screens, magnets, ballistic separators, eddy currents, air separators, optical sorters, robotics, manual sortation stations, and balers. 


Optimizing Your Optics

October 19 @ 2:49 PM