Speaker Bio

Jeffrey Nella

Jeffrey Nella

Recycling Operations Manager, Winters Bros. Waste Systems

Jeff Nella is the recycling operations manager for Winters Bros. Waste Systems. He began his career in the recycling industry by learning material recovery facility (MRF) equipment and design as a sales manager in the Northeast for Bulk Handling Systems. He later worked for Van Dyk Recycling Solutions, managing sales in the Southeast. Recently, Winters Bros. reached out to him to work with the company on the recycling operations as that division had been steadily growing. Jeff thought that was an opportunity he could not turn down.

Before coming to the recycling industry, Jeff had been involved with printing and packaging companies, working with mills and converters as well as having spent a couple of years working with the North American electrical utility market. He also received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Finance from Villanova University.

Jeff first became involved in the recycling industry 10 years ago. Having a background and familiarity with paper mills helped him with the learning curve in the recycling industry. Since joining the recycling industry, Jeff says he has enjoyed the industry and cannot imagine any other industry he would want to be a part of.