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Rainer Rehn

Rainer Rehn

Chief Commercial Officer, ZenRobotics Ltd.

Rainer Rehn joined ZenRobotics as a late founder in 2009. Over the years, Rainer has held many positions in the company with emphasis on technology implementation and sales. Rainer loves waste and strives to ensure that the robotic recycling revolution happens all over the world.

Prior to ZenRobotics, Rainer Rehn served as a Sales Director at BMH Technology Ltd from 2001 to 2009. At BMH, Rainer's role included product development, design and global sales of large-scale recycling systems, including most traditional recycling machines such as shredders, air classifiers, granulators, pelletizers, screens, optical sorters, balers and similar. Even before that, after dropping out from Helsinki Business School in 1989, Rainer ran his own engineering company that built waste processing plants in Scandinavia.



Robots in Action: How They Work from a Supplier's View

October 22 @ 8:45 AM