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John Hansen

John Hansen

Co-Owner, Single Stream Recyclers, LLC

John started his career in the Waste and Recycling Industry in the hauling business in Milwaukee, WI in the late ’90s.  He and his current business partner, Eric Konik opened their first recycling processing plant in Milwaukee, WI during 2006.  They eventually sold that plant to Waste Management.  John spent approximately 5 years of consulting for Waste Management, building and retrofitting recycling plants throughout the US and Canada. John and Eric then opened their first plant in Florida, a 25 tph single stream processing facility in Cocoa, FL October of 2014.  In March of 2018 they built and opened a plant in Sarasota Florida.


Single Stream Recyclers, LLC, now located in Sarasota Florida, is a new facility of just under 100,000 sqft on 11 acres. They process materials from all over the West Coast of Florida as far north as St. Petersburg and as far south as Collier County. The system designed and built processes 50tph of residential single stream. They utilize much of the industry-standard types of processing equipment but are heavily invested in technology to help create the best possible end products, reduce contamination as well as residue. The technology used includes many optical scanners, Ballistic Separators and Robotics.


Robots in Action: How They Work from an Operator's View

October 22 @ 10:15 AM