Speaker Bio

Jason Haus

Jason Haus

CEO, Dem-Con Companies, LLC

Jason Haus is the CEO of Dem-Con Companies.  Dem-Con is a construction & demolition waste handling and recycling company that was founded in 1985.  Their facilities in Minnesota consist of a 120 acre construction, demolition and industrial waste landfill, two mixed C&D processing facilities, a municipal solid waste transfer station and a shingle recycling facility.  Jason has been involved with the development of end markets for a variety of materials that were previously landfilled as well as serving on multiple EPA task forces at the national level to elevate the recovery of C&D Materials.  Jason is currently an executive committee board member of the Construction Materials Recycling Association, Board Member of the Minnesota Chapter of the Solid Waste Association of North America, Institute for Certification of Sustainable Recyclers, a past Environmental Committee Chair for the National Demolition Association and he serves as the committee Chair for the CMRA’s Single Recycling Committee.   


Retrofitting Results

10/16/2018 4:15 PM