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Eric Camirand

Eric Camirand

Founder & CEO, Waste Robotics Inc.

Mr. Camirand holds a degree in Electrical Engineering (’93) from McGill University. In his junior years, Mr. Camirand piloted significant engineering projects for corporations such as Pétro-Canada, Hong Kong Airport Authorities and Canadian Airlines.

In 1994, as founder and CEO of Cinax Designs, Mr. Camirand led a cutting edge video compression software company through steady growth that culminated, in 2001, in a merger with Ravisent Technologies (NASDAQ:RVST).

Since then, Mr. Camirand has been active in the renewable energy and waste management sectors. In 2005, Mr. Camirand founded Electrigaz Technologies an engineering firm specialized exclusively in the study, design and realization of anaerobic digestion and biogas energy systems, widely recognized as a North American expert in the field of organic waste management.

In 2016, Mr. Camirand co-founded Waste Robotics Inc. As Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Camirand leads a young and passionate team of engineers in the development and delivery of intelligent recycling robots.

Today, Waste Robotics is a world leading technology provider that designs and delivers state-of-the-art intelligent recycling robots for various sectors of the recycling industry such as: organics diversion, C&D, fiber, plastics, tires and scrapyard recycling.


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October 22 @ 8:45 AM