Our 2016 Speaking Staff Included:

Meet our professionals

Nick Davis

Senior Cost Estimator
CP Group

Nick Davis is the product development engineer at CP Manufacturing. He is a third generation inventor in recycling equipment development with eight years of experience and multiple patents. Davis holds a Bachelor of Science degree in applied mathematics and quantitative economics.

Jim Keefe

Sean Duffy

President and COO

Sean P. Duffy is one of the original founders of FCR, now known as ReCommunity, where he serves as president and chief operating officer. He is responsible for all operations, including oversight of facility design, equipment selection, building construction and operational startups. Duffy continually meets with current and potential equipment vendors to improve current designs and identify new processing techniques and equipment. He also is responsible for research and development of current and new commodity marketing efforts. Duffy received a Bachelor of Science degree in biology with a concentration in environmental science from Central Connecticut State University.

Jim Keefe

Nat Egosi

President and CEO
RRT Design & Construction

Nathiel Egosi, P.E., is president and CEO of RRT Design & Construction, an engineering, equipment and construction services company specializing in solid waste processing and recycling. Since 1989, Mr. Egosi has led the construction of more than 100 material recovery facilities and pioneered the development of technologies for the recycling and solid waste industries. Mr. Egosi served as chair of the executive committee of the Solid Waste Processing Division (SWPD) of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). He also is a member of SWANA, NRC, NYSAR and NYSASSM.

Pieter Eenkema van Dijk

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions

Pieter Eenkema van Dijk grew up in the Netherlands where he received a master’s degree in economics at Groningen University in the Netherlands and an MBA from Insead Business School at Fontainebleau in France.

In 1984, he founded Van Dyk Baler Corp. in North America and is the company’s current president. Now Van Dyk Recycling solutions, the company has the exclusive distribution rights in the U.S. and Canada for Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions, Lubo Systems and TOMRA sorting solutions.

He is located at the Van Dyk headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, with regional offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Toronto and Tampa, Florida.

Susan Eppes

EST Solutions

Ms. Susan Eppes is president of EST Solutions, a full-service safety and health consulting firm she founded in 2002 in Houston. She currently serves as consultant to numerous recycling and waste companies and assists them with all aspects of safety and regulatory compliance. Eppes is chairman of ANSI Z245.41 (Facilities for the Processing of Commingled Recyclable Materials—Safety Requirements). She is a member of the NSWMA safety committee, WASTEC and the EIA Women’s Council. Eppes, an expert in safety and health management, has more than 20 twenty years of industry experience with Fortune 500 companies, including Waste Management, BFI, IBM and Mobil Oil.

Jim Greer

Manager Recovered Materials Processing
Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County

Jim Greer has more than 37 years of comprehensive experience in the recycling industry. He began his career with Reynolds Metals Co., joining the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County in April 1990, where he currently serves as manager of its dual-stream recovered materials processing facility. Greer’s broad range of industry experience includes recycling collection services, managing the county’s residential recycling program, developing large-scale material recycling facilities, including drafting, negotiating, and managing material recycling facility operation and maintenance agreements with primary emphasis on the quantity and quality of the outbound materials.

Mark Henke

Senior Recycling Manager
Republic Services

Mark Henke is the senior recycling manager for Republic Services, where he is responsible for all recycling activities within the Midwestern states, including operations, maintenance, safety and financial results. His coverage includes recycling centers that process various materials from 20 tons per hour to 50 tons per hour. The operations include residential single stream, commercial single stream, high grades paper facilities and construction and demolition processing. Mr. Henke has been a member of the Republic Services recycling team since 2003 and in the field of recycling since 1995.

Rick Kattar

Swordfish Consulting Services, Inc.

Rick Kattar has been working in the recycling operations business since 1991. He has held roles as plant manager, regional manager, division president, director of field services, senior director of operational improvement, director of learning, and principle of Swordfish Consulting Services. Swordfish Consulting Services is a consulting company focused on helping private and public clients improve the operational effectiveness and financial strength of their recycling-related processing operations. The firm has a unique strength in delivering lean-centric operational support and training that helps ensure the ongoing sustainability of operational improvements and financial success of the operations.

David Marcouiller

Executive Vice-President Sales Engineering
Machinex Industries Inc.

David Marcouiller joined the Machinex team as a research and development draftsman in 2003 and currently resides as the executive vice president of sales engineering. He plays an integral role in the company’s success by ensuring that all quality standards of the sorting solutions are maintained. He also oversees a team of 12 sales engineers that handle all aspects of the design and building process.

Marcouiller has been the lead designer on many successful projects, with a testament and pillar of his accomplishments being the Rumpke facilities in Ohio.

He is a 2002 graduate of Shawinigan College with a degree in technical engineering.

Mike McChrystal

Ohio Baler Company

Mike McChrystal is the owner and president of OBC—Ohio Baler Co. OBC, founded in 2001, represents equipment manufacturers of all types throughout the country, balers being its core business. The company also has an equipment rigging division and provides machinery maintenance. OBC has roughly 20 employees and is proud to have an excellent reputation in the industry. McChrystal has more than 20 years of experience in the recycling equipment industry and represents the best baler manufacturers in the country.

Kathy Morris

Waste Commission of Scott County

Kathy Morris, a graduate of the University of Iowa, has been the director of the Waste Commission of Scott County since 1990. Under her direction, the commission has planned, sited, built and operates a landfill, single-stream recycling facility, household hazardous material facility and electronic demanufacturing facility. She has served on numerous advisory committees for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and several boards, including Iowa Society of Solid Waste Operations, Keep Iowa Beautiful, QC Habitat for Humanity and the Alcoa Community Advisory Board.

Jim Keefe

Jim Keefe

Executive Vice President
Recycling Today Media Group

Mr. James R. Keefe joined GIE Media, Recycling Today’s parent company, in 1991 in a sales and market research capacity.

During his career, he has overseen the continuing development of Recycling Today magazine, which is today the leading business magazine serving the recycling industry. In addition, he has managed the launch of its website, www.RecyclingToday.com, as well as numerous publication launches.

Jim currently serves as an executive vice president for GIE Media and is a member of the firm’s executive management team. He is a graduate of Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.

Joaquin Mariel

General Manager
Balcones Resources

Joaquin Mariel is the general manager at Balcones Resources’ Austin, Texas-based recycling division. As a member of the Balcones team, he manages the company’s flagship MRF, a secure document destruction facility, and works to develop innovative material management methods that make the recycling process more efficient and cost-effective for the company and its clients. Previously, he served as the executive director of the historic Central Texas nonprofit, Ecology Action of Texas. His efforts there have led to increased access to recycling opportunities for Austin’s residents and an expanded awareness of the importance of recycling and other landfill diversion activities across the state.

Jim Keefe

Tom Outerbridge

General Manager
Sims Municipal Recycling

Thomas Outerbridge was born and raised in New York City, and has worked in the field of recycling and composting since the 1980s. For the past 13 years, he has been general manager for Sims Municipal Recycling (SMR). SMR is the processing and marketing partner of the New York City Department of Sanitation and manages municipal curbside material in parts of New Jersey. In sum, the company receives and markets approximately one-half million tons a year.

Lou Perez

Director of MRF Operatiors

Lou Perez retains 24 years of recycling and solid waste management experience. He maintains a vast industry knowledge base regarding MRF (material recovery facility) operations, MRF design with processing integration, and operational best practices with private and public organizations. Throughout his career, Perez has achieved an array of MRF project experience from designing, engineering, procurement and greenfield startups. He also values his unique blend of engineering and management acumen to influence operating behavior and MRF operating performance.

Perez has a Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering and an MBA with a marketing minor both from New York Institute of Technology.

John Perry

Recycling Manager
Waste Management

John Perry is a process improvement expert with more than 25 years of experience in the management and control of highly automated manufacturing processes servicing the automotive, electrical and consumer plastics sectors. Since joining Waste Management in 2011 to manage one of the industry’s largest single-stream MRFs, Perry has implemented numerous audit systems, which have improved operations and bale quality. He also has participated in broad initiatives to drive down inbound contamination and holds patents in plastics process and design. Perry has participated in ASTM, ASQ and SPE.

Ted Pierpont

Bulk Handling Systems (BHS)

Ted Pierpont joined Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) in 2015, bringing more than 20 years of selling and management experience. He is responsible for leading all BHS sales efforts including professionals representing four brands around the globe.

Prior to BHS Mr. Pierpont worked in commercial and industrial graphic arts during a period of rapid change as digital technologies superseded analogue processes and facilitated all-new business models. He began selling in clinical diagnostics and biotechnology where he first learned about automation technologies to reduce error and increase productivity.

Pierpont earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Notre Dame.

Cal Tigechelaar

Resource Management Cos. (RMC)

Calvin (Cal) Tigchelaar is the president and founder of Resource Management Cos. (RMC), a Chicago-area owner and operator of material recovery facilities (MRFs) for 25 years. RMC also provides warehousing, logistics and transload services (RMC Logistics), is involved in direct export (RMC International) and is active in glass beneficiation. The company is based in Chicago Ridge, Illinois, and has facilities in the Chicago and St. Louis regions as well as an export office in City of Industry, California.

Tigchelaar is a native of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

David Weitzman

Vice President
RRT Design & Construction

David Weitzman is vice president of RRT Design & Construction and has more than 35 years’ experience in the recycling and scrap industry. He is known industrywide as an expert in facility operations, marketing of recovered recyclables, end-of-life electronics and developing projects for MRF operators. His current responsibilities include project development, plant operations consulting and operations cost modeling. Weitzman holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from the American University in Washington, D.C., and is the originator of four U.S. patents related to recycling, material processing and systems.